about us

Bryant Gan

For New and Small Business

Niagawan was founded in 2016 by Bryant Gan, a re-known entrepreneur in the software industry for 18 years. Our mission is to help new and small businesses manage their finance to create more wealth and contribute to the needed.

Niagawan is designed and made affordable for every business. They would not need much accounting knowledge to their business finance and cashflow with the software.

Our team is committed to give the best value to every Niagawan user. We always listen to the user to improve the software to fit for every business.

Niagawan is also the recipient of Cradle CIP300 grant.

Founder / CEO - Bryant Gan

Bryant holds Bachelor of Computer Science from University Science of Malaysia. Soon after he graduated in 2002, he founded Comdev, a web-based component development company that build plug-ins for web designers, mainly from United States and Europe.

Throughout the years, he lead the team to create several world-class web applications such as online desktop, content management system, SEO and social media tools. The company also participated in overseas software exhibition in Germany and United States.

Thereafter, in 2010, Bryant got into the Malay business community as Facebook marketing trainer and then venture into the muslim fashion and fragrance business. From there, he discovered the need of systemise the business process, especially accounting for small business. Hence, Niagawan was born.