Is your business have the following problems?

Have sales but cash is tied
Stock are not kept well or lost
Business is actually not profitable
Not able to generate account report
Hard to calculate if record using note book
Not sure where the expenditure goes to
Hard to manage goods delivery
Difficult to keep track customer debts
Troublesome to send receipt to customer

How does Niagawan help your business? Watch video.

1. How To Use Sales Invoice
2. How To Create Quotation
3. How To Set Price for Stockist/Agent
4. How To Record Business Expenses
5. How To Record Stock Purchase From Supplier
6. How To Quickly Settle Your Debt With Accounting
7. How To Calculate Gross Profit With COGS
8. How to Know Your Business Is Profitable or Lost

Would you like to double your profit using Niagawan's method?

Watch this video to learn

suitable for various business / industry

As long as you have money coming in and out of your business, just record them in Niagawan.

You will then see the cash flow and monitor whether your business is profitable or not.

Online Seller
Retail Shop
Stockist / Agent
Trading (Fashion, Accessories)
Restaurant / Cafe
Printing / Banner / Sticker
Tuitionn / Kindergarten / Tahfiz
Car / Motorcycle Workshop
T-Shirt Printing
Bakery / Cake / Cookies
Handphone / Computer
Farming / Agriculture
Saloon / Spa
Car Rental
Organization / Club
Hawker / Night Market
Home Stay / Hotel
Laundry / Car Wash
Lawyer / Accountant
Wholesaler (Vegetable / Fish)
Hardware Shop
Photographer / Makeup Artist
Electrician / Plumber
Insurance / Unit Trust
Vendor Shop
Wedding Planner
Management Body
and many more...

accounting features

There are a lot of features you can use. Pick those that are suitable for your business.

cash book

Keep track money in and out from your business. System will automatically calculate monthly balance and bring forward to next month.

ledger book

Categorize transactions with different ledger types. You are able to see income source and expenditure clearly.

sale invoice

Record customer purchase details, issue receipt and DO. It is a lot easier to monitor unpaid customer invoices.


Use quotation for service-based business. You can send the quotation directly using WhatsApp, Messenger or email.

stock purchase

Use purchase invoice to record stock purchase from supplier. System will automatically update inventory level and latest product cost.

product / inventory

Update product list and inventory. Monitor stock balance and movement to avoid overstock and tied cash flow.

Price List / Type

Update price list, discount and cost easily. You can set different price types such as Stockist, Agent, Dropship.

Customer / Supplier

Keep customer and supplier list. See sale/purchase records to know who are the key customers and suppliers for your business.

Cash Flow

Monitor business performance with up-to-date cash flow so that you are always aware of expenditure at any time.

Profit Loss / P&L

Lihat laporan untung rugi bisnes dan tingkatkan keuntungan dengan mengawal perbelanjaan.

Balance Sheet / BS

See the business financial status such as how much assets (cash and receivables) and liabilities (debts) that you have.

General Ledger / GL

Print General Ledger report to prepare final account to send to the auditor (for Sdn Bhd companies).

Sale Reports

See reports such as daily sales, product sales and by staff. Use the report to grow your business.

Tax / Zakat

Calculate tax and zakat automatically from business and owner income. Refer to the LHDN tax and zakat summary.

Multi User

Add additional user ID for your staff and set their access such as for account, sales and branch staff.


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Learn In Workshop OR Free Online Tutorial

Upcoming Workshop Dec 4,2018 (Kota Damansara, KL)

Practically learn in whole day with a laptop with Founder of Niagawan - Bryant Gan. It's not just a key in your account, but many business financial management tips will be shared.

Free Online Video Tutorial

You can also learn by watching video tutorial online. Free for all Niagawan users!

Frequently Asked Questions

One account is for one company. If you have multiple companies or businesses, it would be best for you to separate the accounts. If not, all records will be mixed up and it is difficult for you to understand which is profitable, and which is loss.
After a year, you can renew with the same fee of RM99 per year (RM 199 for GST/SST) to continue Niagawan subscription for another year as you have locked the price.
Yes. As Niagawan service provider, it is our duty to keep your data safe and secured. We will not sell or reveal your record to any third party, including our staff. Only when you request for support, we will login to your account to look into your issue.
Niagawan uses cloud server, which is a server network that can be upgraded with more capacity such as CPU, memory and disc space when the number of users grow. Everyday we will back up all data at separate server. If anything happen, we would able to restore your data safely.
After we approved your payment, you will receive username and password to access your Niagawan account. Niagawan is fully online and can be accessed through web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. You don't need to download any special software.
The number of username is unlimited. However, user is to access the account for the same company. You can add username for staff with special access. Avoid create username for stockist or dealer as Niagawan is an accounting system and you may not want outsiders to access your account information.
Yes. You can put any business name which you prefer. After you have registered your company name, we could help to update for you.
Yes. After you have completed your account, you can print the report as required by the auditor such as Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and General Ledger to be sent to the auditor.
You are not able to use because Niagawan is 100% online. As long as you have Internet, you can access with smartphone, tablet or laptop. You just need to login using username and password to access your account.
If you do not renew, your account will be deactivate and you will not able to access it. After long time your account is inactive, we will message you. If you do not wish to continue using the account, we will terminate it.
Yes. You just need to fill in back dated records such as 2016, 2015 and so on. Niagawan will carry forward the balance to following year automatically.
Niagawan is for all businesses including Enterprise and Sendirian Berhad, or even just small scale home-based business. As long as you have cash flow in and out, you can record with Niagawan. For Sendirian Berhad, you can send final account report to the auditor.
Yes, we provide classes / workshop and you can learn practically for a full day in Kuala Lumpur. Many tips of accounting will be shared.
Yes you can. As long as you have cash flow in and out for business, you can record with Cash Book or Invoice in Niagawan. For example, use Quotation for customers and issue resit when they pay a deposit. Sistem will also show you the cash flow statement and profit and loss.
We are sorry as we do not have Trial Account. If you wish to see the demo, you can learn from the video tutorials and understand thoroughly. You will also get 30 days money back guarantee if you find out Niagawan is not suitable for you.

accounting package

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Software Package

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  • Renew RM 99 per year
  • * Add RM100 per year for GST / SST

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